Top 5 Arkin Animations Youtube Videos in 2020

Top 5 Arkin Animations Youtube Videos in 2020

Arkin Animation real name is still a mystery that has not been solved by his 300k subscribers on YouTube. People often refer to him as Kuya Arkin, but we have yet to know if that is really his name. 

A lot of his fans are even crying out for an Arkin Face Reveal, maybe when he reaches the 1 million subscriber mark, he’ll finally reveal his identity. 

No matter what he looks like, one thing remains true for Arkin. His animations and storylines are superbly done.

Here are the top 5 Arkin Animations on YouTube in 2020

1. Tadhana With Sayrenka

Sayrenka is another Pinoy YouTube animator and in this video, we get to see Arkin’s talent not just in animation but also in poetry.

2. Bawal Pala

This one is definitely our favorite. It’s honest and extremely brutal!

3. Cooking With Arkin

This pandemic has given us some skills we never thought we had. In Arkin’s case, he learned how to cook Tortang Talong.

4. Arkin COD Mobile

Who would have thought that we’ll get to see Arkin’s YouTube channel with some gaming content. We’d love to see him do this regularly, we’re sure his fans will love it!

5. Silver Play Story

In this video, Arkin tells us how he got started and what it took for him to reach this stage in his content creation career. Arkin’s Pinoy animator friends like Sayrenka and Romnic TV also got a special shoutout.


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