Top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in December 2020

caroling philippines
It's December and the year went by really fast but a little kind of slow too. Arkitekyuklid Black Panther post back in August is still fresh in our hearts but, we all have to move forward despite the challenges we all faced this year.

Before the year ends, let's take a look at the top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in December 2020

1. Hope

hope will endure

All hope is not lost! One of the best ways to cure hopelessness and and overthinking is exposing yourself to motivational folks who will push you forward. One good example is Arkitekyuklid's Instagram page, it's full of quick wisdom with a sprinkle of humor, the perfect mix!

2. Pour Coffee

coffee arkitekyuklid


The wind is cooler now which means waking up in the morning is extremely challenging. A good cup (or two) of coffee should give us the early morning boost we need.


3. Gifts 



December is season of giving and Arkitekyuklid's love will heal the world theme for the year couldn't be more accurate. Even the tiniest gift can show how much you love someone.

4. Christmas Caroling

christmas carol pinoy

The Arkitekyuklid artist always makes sure that behind the humor there is also wisdom. Let's not forget to ask for forgiveness.

5. All I Want For Christmas

christmas hugot
According to the legendary song of Mariah Carey, all I want for Christmas is you. 

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