Top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in November 2020

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If you adored the Arkitekyuklid Black Panther content in the past, then you’ll find this month’s highlights very interesting. November was quite a month for everyone with the typhoons and of course the pandemic that’s still very much present,w e all needed a Black Panther to save us.

Here are the top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in November 2020

1. Storms

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John, the Arkitekyuklid artist loves to share bible verses just like these. Ironically enough, he posted this content on November 1st, I bet he didn’t know we were facing two strong storms for the month.

2. Fish Frying

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Sometimes the mundane things in life, like frying a fish can teach us a very valuable lesson in life.

3. Heroes

typhoon ulysses hero

This post is very reminiscent of Arkitekyuklid’s Love Will Heal The World content. We need to show appreciation to every unsung hero now more than ever.

4. Aliens

aliens philippines
If you think about it, we can be in a very well-written action-thriller-suspense series that’s been streaming across the galaxy for 2020 seasons.

5. Check Your Privilege

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How grateful have you been recently? In these trying times, a little help can go a long way for anyone who is in need.


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