Top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in October 2020

Top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in October 2020

From Arkitekyuklid Black Panther to repolyo real quick! John Euclid Templonuevo never runs out of witty content to share and can even throw some shade while still making it look classy.

Here are the top 5 Arkitekyuklid Viral Posts in October 2020

1. Coffee Is Life

The Arkitekyuklid artist  is accurate in this. Recently, life has been full of ups and down for a lot of us, but the bitterness is what makes life interesting and it makes you appreciate the sweet moments even more.

2. All Natural

You’ve probably heard of Doc Farrah and Doc Adam’s feud over the former’s statement about Repolyo being a wonder drug. We don't have an expert opinion on this matter, but we think cabbage is healthy, especially when you eat it.

3. Online Shopping

According to Arkitekyuklid, love will heal the world. But online shopping is therapy.

4. Holidays

The cool breeze is coming in and nights are getting longer. Getting up and going to work is now again a challenging task, even if work is just a few steps away from your bed.

5. Encouragement

If you need some morning encouragement to get you through your work day, go over at Arkitekyuklid’s Instagram profile and get your daily fix.


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