Top 5 Bisayang Hilaw and Zowie Adventures during the Quarantine

Top 5 Bisayang Hilaw and Zowie Adventures during the Quarantine

Ever since the quarantine started back in March, a lot of us have been stuck at home and practicing social distancing. Even travel vloggers like Carson Moody and the Bisayang Hilaw girlfriend, Zowie took some time off with their adventures.

But we all know that adventure always awaits for Bisayang Hilaw vlogger. So here are the top 5 Bisayang Hilaw and Zowie Adventures during the quarantine.

1. Cebu’s Bonbon Falls

This was uploaded earlier in March, back when quarantine wasn’t still nationwide. Carson was solo on this travel vlog and he went to one of the many hidden gems in Cebu City, Bonbon Falls.


2. New House

While this may not technically be a literal adventure, it’s still a journey and a definite milestone in the Bisayang Hilaw biography. Getting a house is a commitment especially for nomads like carson and Zowie.


3. Travelling To Bais City

This is their first adventure ever since the stricter lockdown has started. Bisayang Hilaw Zowie and Carson take us around Bais City and the wonderful spots in the city.


4. Pasalan Falls

If you ask us “Who is Bisayang Hilaw?" We’d answer by saying that he’s more Filipino than any Filipino we know. He’s been to a lot of places in the country and he’es discovered a lot of good and underrated places that we only wish we can go to.


5. Zowie’s Birthday Trip

For Zowie’s birthday, the couple decided to relax in a 5-star resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental. We’re all drooling with envy because like most of you, we also can’t wait to go to the beach again!