Top 5 Davao Conyo Tweets in October 2020

Top 5 Davao Conyo Tweets in October 2020

The Davao Conyo Twitter account is the best place to go when you need some cheering up. Phillip Te Hernandez the creator behind Davao Conyo adds hilarious twists on the mundane and sometimes random things in life, like dub videos.

From going to heaven to minding your own business, here are the top 5 Davao Conyo Tweets in October 2020.


1. The Judgment

Davao Conyo’s Official Twitter page is not afraid to throw some subtle shade through his content.


2. Clear Skin

We all love watching videos on skin care routines and we do our best to keep up with all of these products that promise clear and poreless skin. But, sometimes your skin just works against you rather than with you. 


3. Davao Conyo Disney Princess


One of Phillip’s early successes in dubbing is his Disney Princess parody videos. Let’s see how the princesses are after they’ve gotten married to their happily ever after.


4. iPhone 12 Philippines

Davao Conyo dub’s are always something to look forward to. It’s funny, sarcastic and everything that we’ve all been secretly saying.


5. Radiate Positivity


Other than Davao Conyo Frozen dub videos, Phillip also plays other characters such as these lovely friends who are seeing each other after being in lockdown for a long time. Watch until the end to find out a good business idea!