Top 5 Gloco Gaming House Youtube Videos

Top 5 Gloco Gaming House Youtube Videos

Gian or Gloco Gaming real name is a legend in the local gaming community. Even before game streaming was a big thing in the Philippines, Gian and his team, Peenoise have been killing it already on YouTube.

Since the Peenoise team is consistently collaborating, they hatched an idea to just live in the same house which will make content creation more efficient.

Here are the Top 5 Gloco Gaming House YouTube Videos

1. The Fundraising

The Gloco gaming house plan started way back in 2016. They made the decision to live together since they do collaborations most of the time. To get their plan off the ground, they started a fundraising campaign.

2. After 3 Days

Just a mere 3 days after they promoted the fundraising campaign, they were able to achieve their goal of 35k. This was back when Gloco Gaming’s Twitch and YouTube career was really taking off, so a lot of fans really supported him.

3. House Tour

Other than Gloco’s parody dubs and gaming content. He also does some lifestyle vlogs from time to time, just like this house tour. Although this is not their gaming house, it's still a nice way to see this part of his life.

4. House Leaks

Sometimes, when it rains, it really pours. But this is an awesome video because we get to see a glimpse of their gaming house under construction.

5. The Gaming House

In this video, we were finally able to see a glimpse of the gaming house that we usually see in Gloco’s Among Us, LoL, PUBG, and other gaming videos. It's not a house tour though, it’s a cleanup tour!


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