Top 5 Gloco Gaming Youtube Videos in November 2020

RC Cola reaction video

Gloco's November is full of unboxing, reviews and new games to try. To be honest, we have been waiting for another Gloco Among Us gameplay, but we didn't get lucky there. However, there's a ton of new things to watch on his channel now including a reaction video, which he doesn't usually do.

Here are the top 5 Gloco Gaming YouTube Videos in November 2020

1. Gloco's Qiqi

Let's see how Gloco spends a lot if his hard earned money just to get  Klee from the game Genshin Impact. We love that even Gloco felt terrible as he was about to press that purchase button.

2. Game Of The Year

If you haven't seen the awards yet, we won't spoil it for you but Gloco made some good points with his game of the year bet.

3. Unboxing

Now, we don't usually an unboxing video from Gloco so this was a refreshing piece of  content coming from him. This box was what he brought back from his recent trip overseas before this pandemic made it impossible for everyone to travel.


4. RC Cola Reaction Video

As we mentioned, there is a reaction video from Gloco for the month of November. It made sense that he shares what he thinks about this odd and seemingly refreshing (pun intended) commercial from RC Cola. Although. it would have been nicer to see Gloco's Peenoise guys watch the video with him.

5. Spider-Man Miles Morales Ending

This video was streamed live on his YouTube channel and we don't usually see him streaming so it's another fun video to watch. Plus, he was able to finish the latest Spider-Man installment in just 4 parts and all of which he streamed live.

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