Top 5 Ian How Bike Vlogs on Youtube in November 2020

ian how pagudpud
For those of us who are still stuck at home, the only way we can get a real sense of adventure is by watching channels like Ian How bike vlogs. Despite the rainy November, Ian still managed to squeeze in some bike rides and take us on a scenic tour from Manila to the north.

Here are the Top 5 Ian How Bike Vlogs on Youtube in November 2020

1. Manila Ride

Ian brings us back to Manila and explores the majestic capital during the night. It's nice to see that despite the condition that we are all in right now, the streets are still festive and ready for the holiday season.

2. Manila To Bagyo

No typhoon is going to hold back Ian and his team for pursuing their scheduled bike ride. Let's see how they can survive the strong winds as they go back to Manila.

3. Charity Ride

After the strong typhoon that Ian and his team faced, he organized a group ride with over 300 cyclists participating to provide help to the survivors of the typhoon.

4. Ian How PBB

To begin with, we don't think Ian will make for a very good housemate because he probably wouldn't last a week without going for a ride. 

5. Gear Raid

For those who are wondering how Ian prepares for a 3-day ride, this is the perfect video. He shows us what gear he brings and how he organizes his stuff for a convenient and more efficient ride.

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