Top 5 Ian How Bike Vlogs on Youtube in September 2020

Top 5 Ian How Bike Vlogs on Youtube in September 2020

Ian How real name and story is not something that a lot of his fans know about. According to Ian in one of his interviews, he picked up cycling because he originally wanted to lead an active lifestyle because of some health issues. 

He decided to create the Ian How bike vlog only last year and now he already has over 200k subscribers on YouTube. 

Here are the top 5 Ian How bike vlogs in September

1. Ian How With MayorTV

This is a bike-jam video of Ian How featuring MayorTV. The tune of this song is really good and it's the perfect jam while you're riding your bike with your friends.

2. Ian How vs. Edsa

You’d think that with a pandemic that’s heavily affecting the world right now, Edsa would be a lot more forgiving. Well, in this episode of Ian How bike vlogs we can see that no matter what time, day, or situation, Edsa will remain Edsa.

3. Quiapo Biking

In this video, Ian shows us around at what has happened to Quiapo and he shares some quick tips about bike buying.

4. Jariel's Peak

Ian How’s YouTube channel is really all about the rides and the experience. So, in this video, he takes us on his Tanay- Infanta ride and shows us the popular Jariel’s Peak.

5. Kabayuhan DRT

If you’re a biker or an enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Kabayuhan DRT in Bulacan. Ian How takes as along on his ride along the popular trail.

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