Top 5 iSportZone Lakers-Heat NBA Finals Updates in September 2020

Top 5 iSportZone Lakers-Heat NBA Finals Updates in September 2020

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Here are the top 5 iSportZone TV Lakers-Heat NBA Finals Updates in September 2020

1. Anthony Davis Takes The Spotlight

Game 1 of the 2020 NBA finals was nothing short of extraordinary. The LA Lakers came out to play and they came to win. Most notable player was Anthony Davis placing in the top 3 of the best finals debut of any Lakers player.

2. Shaq & Kobe

The LA Lakers wins again for Game 2 of the 2020 NBA finals. According to iSportZone, Lebron James and Anthony Davis brought the Shaq & Kobe hype alive again with their performance during the game.

3. LeBron Walks Out

Miami Heat finally got their chance in Game 3 of the 2020 NBA finals. However, LeBron received some criticism for walking out of the court a few seconds before the game ended.

4. Tyler Herro Historic Moment

In this iSportZone NBA live update video we can see the Miami Heat rookie, Tyler Herron creating history despite their team’s loss. Herro is only the 6th rookie in NBA history to score 300 or more points in a single postseason.

5. Lakers Wins 2020 NBA Finals

The iSportZone Lakers vs Heat updates ended as the purple and gold finally got their break after a decade of chasing the NBA championship. 


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