Top 5 iSportZone NBA Updates in September 2020

Top 5 iSportZone NBA Updates in September 2020

Mike is the host and vlogger behind the phenomenal YouTube sports channel, iSportZone. Known to his followers as "Kabasketbol", Mike and iSportZone's rise to popularity is attributed to his no-nonsense insights, basketball knowledge and clear delivery of news and commentary in Tagalog, packaged in his own unique voice and personality. Mike covers the NBA, Gilas Pilipinas, Kai Sotto, international basketball and boxing. iSportzone does daily video updates and live streaming vlogs of NBA games and will soon include important basketball events.
Here are his top 5 iSportZone video updates for September.

1. Lakers Vs. Nuggets and Anthony Davis for MVP


In this iSportZone TV update, Mike talks about why Anthony Davis deserves to be an MVP title and why he’s an extremely underrated player in the whole league. I

2. Loma Vs. Lopez

Other than iSportZone’s NBA live streams and updates, Mike also gives other sports updates, just like in this video. He talked about the upcoming boxing fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez this October 17th.

3. Miami Heat Vs. Boston Celtics

Everyone knows about the rivalry between the Heat and the Celtics. At one point in time, their rivalry was even considered to be one of the most heated rivalries in the entire NBA. In this video update, Mike talks about five major storylines we watch out for.

4. Westbrook Vs. Rondo

In true iSportZone Lakers fashion, Mike celebrates the amazing win by Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Perhaps one of the most notable news in this video update is the trash talking between Rajon Rondo’s brother, William and Ruseel Westbrook during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

5. Lebron’s Wife Not Happy


In a controversial iSportZone Lebron James update, Mike talks about James’ trouble with his training inside the NBA Bubble and why his wife is no longer happy with the amount of time he’s putting into his training.


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