Top 5 Kristian PH Youtube Videos in November 2020

kristian ph challenge prank
There are no Kristian PH Minecraft videos for the month of November, but Kristian made some time to upload not just gaming content this month but also a few parody videos with some meme watching.

Here are the top 5 Kristian PH Youtube Videos in November 2020

1. VR Game Hellsplit: Arena

The Kristian PH Horror Games series continues even after halloween. In this video, Kristian tries out a new VR game called Hellsplit: Arena. Let’s see what he thinks about this game.

2. Polus Map

You can always expect Kristian PH’s Among Us gameplay to be original and crazy. In this game, they modified a few settings and played hide and seek with the impostor in the Polus map. It’s a new way to play the game with friends, especially when you’re getting tired of the usual mechanics.

3. Online Class Part 4

If only real life online classes are this fun.

4. Nanik

If you’re in need of some world class memes, head over to Kristian Ph’s reddit community r/NANIKPosting. Fair warning, there may be some dark humor present. In the meantime, let’s watch Kristian check out some of the latest memes submitted in the community.

5. Break Up

No Kristian PH’s girlfriend didn’t break up with him. This is just a video of him talking to himself about what’s worse than a break up. Yep, two Kristian in one video.


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