Top 5 Kristian PH Youtube Videos in September 2020

Top 5 Kristian PH Youtube Videos in September 2020

Kristian Ph Minecraft gaming videos are extremely popular among Filipino kids and rightly so. He was one of the first local gaming content creators who specialized in Minecraft before he branched out to different games such as Granny, Outlast, and Mobile Legends.

Here are his top 5 Kristian PH Youtube Videos in September

1. PC Build With Myrtle

No, this is not Kristian PH’s girlfriend but they do share the same passion in content creation and gaming. So in this video, you'll see Kristian taking on Myrtle in this PC build-up challenge.

We are also very proud to see the Kristian PH merch live and in action on this video!

2. Kristian PH Net Worth

If you’re a Chikoy, you’re probably wondering about Kristian's net worth. Well, in this video he Googles himself and finds out that he’s worth over a million dollars.

3. Online Class

Other than his Kristian PH’s horror games fascination, he also does short comedic skits just like this one.

4. Granny’s House Multiplayer

One of Kristian’s favorite gaming content is the indie horror game, Granny and in this video he shows us a glimpse of what it takes to play Granny’s House Multiplayer.

5. Kristian PH Among Us Gameplay

Kristian just recently joined the Among Us bandwagon and he is killing it! Pun intended, of course.


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