Top 5 M.A. Buendía Quotes in November 2020

Top 5 M.A. Buendía Quotes in November 2020
There's only one thing that you think about when you encounter one of M.A. Buendía quotes, and that is to share his words of wisdom to people you know. He's proven that his words aren't just fluff, but based on his own experience and growth.

Here are the top 5 M.A. Buendía Quotes in November 2020

1. Saying No Is Okay

ma buendia quotes

Saying NO to people or declining requests is often seen as disrespectful in our culture, but M.A. Buendía HD tells us otherwise. 

2. Insecurities

ma buendia insecure
We couldn't agree more with M.A. on this. You shoud always be selctive with the people you surround yourself with. As they say, you are the average of the five people you always surround yourself with.

3. Clear Skin Goals


 clear skin goals ma buendia

With the pandemic happening, a lot of us has more time to achieve our glass skin goals. Although with the stress that the pandemic brings, it can be counterintuitive.

4. Ideal Employees

clear skin goals ma buendia
We are sure that office gossiping has now become digital since most of us are working from home.

5. Coping Mechanism

coping mechanism

M.A. can't be more accurate than this. You don't need to feel sad or lonely just because you cope differently. We can be our own version of the hero we need.


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