Top 5 M.A. Buendía Quotes in October 2020

Top 5 M.A. Buendía Quotes in October 2020

M.A. Buendía is a motivational speaker and a big advocate for mental health in the Philippines. If you’ve been spending a lot of time on social media, then you’ve probably come across some of M.A. Buendia quotes while scrolling through your newsfeed.

Aside from his motivational messages on social media, M.A. also has a podcast called #AskMA: The Podcast where he talks more freely on topics about love, sex, career enad eveything in between.

Here are the top 5 M.A. Buendía Quotes in October 2020

1. Bad Actions

M.A. Buendía HD Facebook page is full of quotable quotes like this. If you find yourself agreeing to this post, then there’s a lot more where that came from.

2. Real Talk

M.A. Buendía’s Wikipedia page should start off with a disclaimer informing readers of the potential real talk that lies ahead. M.A. can be savage with his thoughts at times but often it’s these savage thoughts that really wakes up to the reality of our situation.

3. Big Break

If you’ve come across some of M.A. Buendía Reddit comments, you’ll see how some people can be unsupportive. But M.A. is a living proof that when you get rid of listening to the noise, your break will come.

4. Tita Cristy

M.A. quotes one of the realest and most savage Tita in the Showbiz industry, Cristy Fermin.

5. Wins

We wholeheartedly agree with M.A. on this. Celebrate no matter what type of win you get!


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