Top 5 Aunt Julie Macoy Dubs Videos in September 2020

Top 5 Aunt Julie Macoy Dubs Videos in September 2020

The Aunt Julie Macoy Dubs character is now a household name for a lot of Filipinos. 

Macoy Dubs TikTok account currently has over 400k followers and it’s continuously growing by the day. With that said, here are the top 5 Aunt Julie Macoy Dubs Videos in September.

1. Aunt Julie As A Flight Attendant

Auntie Julie shows us how a certified Tita does an in-flight announcement. Cebu Pacific should probably get Macoy Dubs to their announcements from now on.

2. Now An XS

In this video, we listen to the Zoom call of our beloved Auntie with their hermanas. In this video, we’ll found out Auntie Julie’s size is no longer large, but an XS.

3. Wonderful Wednesday With Auntie Julie


From the Macoy Dubs ganda ka videos and now to Auntie Julie’s wild and wonderful Wednesday inuman with their hermanas. Watch out for that song in the end!

4. Wantawsan

Ber months is here and Auntie Julie is ready to give several wantawsan to their inaanaks. 

5. Landi Responsibly

Macoy Dubs biography will always include Auntie Julie along with their several other characters. But, will we ever meet Auntie Julie’s love interest, Uncle Cesar? Let’s find out in this video.


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