4 Of The Best Couple-Inspired Gift Ideas You Need To Check Out Today

couple gift ideas

We all know how cheesy it is to see couples wearing matching outfits. But, we also know that long-term couples like to show their love in many ways, and sometimes they show it by pairing with their significant other. No matter what the reason is, we won’t judge. In fact, we’ve compiled four of the best couple-inspired gift ideas.

#1 Couple Shirts

Of course, first, on our lists are shirts! These cool matching shirts aren’t one of those you’re used to. They’re not too in your face, and you can wear it even if you’re not with your partner. Matching shirts don’t just work for romantic couples. You can also buy these for your whole gang or family.

legends clothing couple shirts

These shirts are available at our Legends Clothing and Closeta store. It also works great as a birthday gift for your special someone. The shirts can also be customized.

course tees shirts

These one of a kind course shirts are available from our Course Tees store. We have over 100+ courses available for you to choose from. Just like the shirts from Legends Clothing, these shirts can also be customized.

#2 Watches

Couple watches are the perfect gift for anniversaries or wedding. In some Asian cultures, they believe that giving a watch is equivalent to bad luck as it shows that you’re running out of time, but we think giving the gift of time is nothing short of special. More importantly, giving your significant other a watch will continuously remind them of how much they’re always running late on your date nights.


casio g shock

 Casio watches are good for those who want some bang for the buck. They’re stylish and inexpensive.

daniel wellington couple watch

image via Daniel Wellington

If you can splurge a bit more, why not go for Daniel Wellington watches?

#3 Personalized Jewelry

personalized jewelry for her

image via Etsy

If you’re tired of the traditional jewelry gift options, you can opt for something personalized. There are a number of local brands that offer jewelry personalization, from bracelets to necklaces, and everything in between. You can opt for those handcrafted personalized pieces of jewelry to make it even extra special.

#4 Fandom Merch

Do you guys do a lot of “Netflix and Chill” at home? Why not compliment your mood with matching fandom shirts? These shirts will definitely make you and your partner’s inner geek happy. Just like Legends Clothing, fandom merch is a great way to show your affection to your significant other without being too cheesy.

game of thrones shirts philippines

We can’t stop raving about these GoT shirts! These Game of Thrones inspired shirts are available at our marketplace. You can also check out WymakeitPh for more fandom related merch.