Game of Thrones Shirts And Merch Perfect For House Stark Fans

game of thrones shirts house of stark

As we all wait for the final season of, let’s check out some awesome Game of Thrones shirts and merch that’s perfect for any House Stark fans. But before we do, let’s first do a shallow dive on what it means to be a Stark.

House Stark of Winterfell to be specific, is one of the most powerful houses in Westeros. They are also known as the principal noble house of the north. The House Stark’s sigil is a grey Direwolf. Their house motto is “Winter Is Coming”, and out of all the house mottos, it serves as a warning to others than a brag. Additionally, the current generation House Stark members are known to be wargs or have the ability to enter the minds of their Direwolf and control its actions.

If you’re a House Stark fan, you’re probably aware that people from this house are more than just brave they also take their honor and honesty to a whole new level. Sometimes they can even be stereotyped as individuals who are humorless and cold because of this trait. But no matter how serious these people are, they’ve always been true their nature and they’ve proven that they can be trusted.

Are you a House Stark fan or maybe you feel that you’ve got the wolf blood flowing through your veins? If you are, well these Game of Thrones shirts and merch for House Stark fans should get you excited.

Game Of Throne Shirts And Other Merch

house stark shirt
House Stark Grey Cotton Shirt P350 (Cash On Delivery Available)
house stark sigil earrings
House Stark Sigil Earrings P545.90 via Etsy
house stark embroidered shirt
Stark Black Embroidered Cotton Shirt  P350 (Cash On Delivery Available)
Winter is here game of thrones shirts
Winter Is Here Black Cotton Shirt  P350 (Cash On Delivery Available)
house stark merch bag
House Stark Handbag P2,628 via Think Geek
the north remembers white shirt
The North Remembers White Cotton Shirt  P350 (Cash On Delivery Available)
house stark lamp
LED Stark Crest Lamp  P3,600 via Think Geek