Need Some Graduation Gift Ideas? Check out these Course Tees, They're Only P299!

graduation gift ideas

It’s that time of the year again, and there’s no greater joy than finally being able to say that you’re finally done with college. But, for most of these college graduate students, it’s a momentary relief as they gear up towards the more challenging part of their life — adulting (gasp!).

To ease their discomfort and to help them cope with the new chapter of their life, we came up with a shirt design that’s going to inspire them to push forward when the going gets tough. These shirts are one of the best graduation gift ideas that you can give to someone. Here are some of our top selling Course Tees:

2019 Graduation Gift Ideas

Education Course Tee

education course tee

Education course tee

Where would we all be without our teachers? Educators help build our nation and instill discipline outside the home. Any teacher would be proud to wear this shirt.

Business Management Course Tee

business management shirt for him

Business Management course tee

In 2018, almost 1 million students enrolled in a business-related course. You can never go wrong with this graduation gift. It’s perfect for those natural born leaders.

Information Technology Course Tee

IT course shirt

Information Technology course tee

These graduate students have spent sleepless nights in front of the computer. Help them complete their graduation look with this shirt. If you're giving it to a friend, why not get a matching shirt?

Digital Arts Course Tee

digital arts graduation gift

Digital Arts course tee

It’s all about going digital nowadays, and with the landscape changing so fast, these students are to be praised for their accomplishment.

Tambay Course Tee

tambay shirt

Tambay course tee

We said that it’s a list for graduation gift ideas, but this is more of a bonus gift for that tambay in your life. You’re most probably be a parent pushing your child’s button. If you can’t say it, then this shirt will definitely send the right message.

Graduation rings are the thing of the past! Check out these graduation gift ideas at Course Tees. We don’t just have courses we also have job titles and custom shirts available. All of the shirts shown above sell for only P299 each.