Live And Let Live With These Triskelion Shirts

tau gamma shirt

The Tau Gamma Phi is one of the grandest and oldest fraternities in the Philippines. The group was initially named as Order of the U.P. Triskelions and was founded by four University of the Philippine students on October 4, 1968. Later on, the group adopted the Greek letters Tau Gamma Phi (ΤΓΦ). The Tau Gamma fraternity eventually grew outside UP, and chapters in other colleges and universities campus were established.

More than being one of the most controversial fraternities in the Philippines and being infamous for violent hazing allegations. The fraternity has still maintained its status as one of the leading fraternities that are involved in socio-civic activities for the benefit of communities. For those who are confused, the term Triskelions is what they call the member of their fraternity.

The Triskelions will be celebrating their 51st anniversary this year. If you're a proud member of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity, these are the shirts that you should be wearing to show your pride.

Triskelion Shirts

Pain Comes

Tau Gamma Phi members believe that there can be honor in pain.

pain comes with honor

Pain Comes Sublimation Dryfit Shirt P350

Only The STRong

We totally agree with this shirt! As they say, only the fittest will survive.

only the strong survive shirt

Only The STRong Black Cotton Shirt P400

Live And Let Live

Live and let live is a statement that's part of their tenets.

live and let live shirt

Live and Let Live Black Cotton Shirt P350

Team Triskelion

One fraternity, one team!

team triskelion shirt

Team Triskelion White Cotton Shirt P400

Year 1968

This shirt signifies the founding year for the fraternity.

1968 shirt

Year 1968 Black Cotton Shirt P400

Triskelion V

There's no other way than to be proud, and this shirt says it all.

triskelion shirt

Triskelion V Black Cotton Shirt P400

Tau Gamma Shirt- 51 Years Edition

tau gamma phi 51 years shirt

51 Years Black Cotton Shirt P400

Tau Gamma Cap - 51 Years Edition

tau gamma phi cap

Triskelion 51 Years v1 Embroidered Black Cap P350

You can see the whole collection of Tau Gamma shirts here. These designs are by Project C and they are a certified Triskelion. Prices for the shirts start at P350.