Make Your T-shirts Last Longer With These Laundry And Care Tips

tshirt laundry and care tips

We all have our favorite shirts. It could be a band merch, a shirt from your favorite TV series, or a birth month shirt. But no matter what type of shirt it is, one thing will still remain the same. After some time, the shirt color will begin to fade, the print will crack or tear, and the stitching will come out. Properly caring for your favorite T-shirt along with your daily clothing essentials should be prioritized, especially if you spent a lot of money on them.

Here are some T-shirt care tips that could help you prolong their life and help you maintain their look for as long as you can.

T-shirt Care 101

1. Wash with care

We all see the wash with care sign in the back of our shirts, but what do they really mean? We’ll save you all the hassle of understanding all of that and make it simple for you.

Handwash is always the best option when washing practically anything, but you probably don’t have enough time (and energy) to do all that. When doing a machine wash, use the most delicate setting to avoid color fading and maybe even shrinkage. Wash them inside out to prevent the print from being damaged. More importantly, never wash your shirts together with harsh fabrics like your denim jeans.

2. Switch them up

You probably wear your favorite shirt at least once a week either in the office or during the weekend. There’s that sense of pride whenever you wear it. However, the more that you wear the shirt, the more it wears out prematurely. Switch it up occasionally, and give it a rest.

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3. Treat stains immediately

If you encounter stains while wearing your favorite shirt, treat them immediately. The longer the stain stays on the shirt, the more permanent it becomes. For instance, oil stains on a cotton shirt are best removed with a dishwashing detergent. Gently rub the dishwashing detergent into the stained part before rinsing and putting it into the wash.

alien black cotton shirt

I Really Need More Space Black Cotton Shirt

4. Avoid ironing

An ironed shirt makes you look like someone who takes time to take care of themselves. But, that does not apply for your shirts. Due to extremely high temperatures, ironing can cause fading and even prints to get destroyed. If you wash your shirts with care, don’t wash them together with harsh fabrics, and hang them to dry then they shouldn’t be wrinkly. If you still find the need to iron them, make sure to do it inside out and never directly on the print.

5. Use detergents sparingly

More detergent does not mean more cleaning power. The excess detergent and fabric softener that you use will settle into your clothes which will make it stiff and dull. Additionally, unwashed detergents on your clothes are what makes it smell when you sweat, no matter what fabric softener you use. Use detergents and fabric softeners sparingly. If you feel you need more cleaning power, substitute baking soda instead.

These tips should help you prolong the life of your favorite T-shirt. Properly caring for your clothes will mean that fewer clothes end up in the trash.

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