Mystery Box Philippines: Check Out Our Mystery Shirt!

girl wearing a mystery shirt

For those who are unfamiliar, mystery box or mystery boxes as the name suggests is a box that’s filled with a surprise. The contents of these boxes are not known to the customer until they open it. This mystery box fad first started in the early 2000s on eBay and thanks to Youtube and BuzzFeed it has found it’s newfound popularity in the present day. This surge is mainly because of content creators creating mystery box reviews on YouTube.

Mystery box in the Philippines has also become so popular, mainly because of Lazada. We see a lot of these content creators making Lazada mystery box reviews on their channel and apparently, we just can’t get enough of them (us, included!).

Why Are Mystery Boxes Big In The Philippines?

For most people, buying these mystery boxes is a fun past time rather than a conscious purchase. They like the thrill and the excitement that it brings. Just imagine receiving a box on your doorstep with no idea of its contents? It’s literally like opening a gift!

mystery box philippines
This is especially true for those people who love to buy Lazada mystery boxes with gadgets. They are hoping to get something incredibly cool and expensive, but just like most of these boxes, it’s a hit and miss.

We’re Over The Mystery Box Fad

We’re finally saying goodbye to these boxes and creating a new trend which we call mystery shirt. As the name suggests, the customer will get a shirt (no mystery in that) but, the design is a surprise.

mysteryshirt by shirtly

What’s great about it is that you will always get something that you can use or maybe even give to a friend. We have over a hundred designs on our marketplace so, and you might get graphic shirts about aliens, ramen, or even hugot shirts. What we guarantee is that you will always find something awesome in your package and for only P199, it’s totally worth every centavo.

You can shop our mystery shirt here.