3 Reasons You Need To Wear Dry Fit Shirts In The Philippines

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Recently the weather we’re having in the Philippines is at an all-time high. Heat indexes are rising and staying out in the sun even just for a few seconds is close to torture.

The biggest challenge that most of us Filipinos have is how to stay cool in this kind heat. Sure, wearing light colored and loose clothing can do the trick, but what if you’re going to work or to a party and wouldn’t want to risk looking like a hobo in the middle of the scorching Manila street. What could you wear to help keep you looking fresh? Well, we’ve got the answer for you, and it’s not voodoo magic (or it could be), it’s simple, and it’s a choice that may sound unconventional for some.

Dry Fit Shirts

The dry fit shirts scene in the Philippines is relatively new for most people. This moisture-wicking shirt technology first came around about two decades ago but has only been popular in the Philippines in the last ten years. This is mainly because we’ve only seen professional athletes in the Philippines wear active dry shirts clothing and we usually correlate these shirts with working out or hiking.

But, did you know that wearing dry fit shirts as a part of your daily outfit can do wonders for you during a summer heat like this? Here are three reasons you need to start incorporating dry fit shirts into your wardrobe.

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Helps Keep You Dry

If your someone who spends a relatively long time outside, you’re probably used to sweating like a pig. Dry fit shirts are made of moisture-wicking fabrics which helps draw out the moisture or sweat off of your body faster leaving you cool and dry.

Helps Keep The Odor Away

More than keeping you dry, it also helps keep the bad odor away. The reason is that it helps keep the sweat away, and sweat is usually one of the culprits of body odors. While it does not mean that you can stop wearing deodorants when you wear dry fit shirts, but it helps you manage the odor better. There are even dri fit shirt brands in the Philippines that are made with anti-microbial treatments.

Regulates Body Temperature

One of the best benefits of wearing dry fit shirts is that it helps regulate your body temperature. When your body temperature gets too hot, you get heat exhaustion which can lead to heatstroke. With the recent temperatures we’re having, heat exhaustion can be at an all-time high. Dry fit shirts help cool down your body because it’s moisture-wicking and breathable.

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Dry Fit Shirts Are NOT Boring

We’ve made wearing dry fit shirts better for everyone by making them look cool, stylish and unique. Our marketplace is filled with dry fit shirts that you won’t be afraid to wear on a daily basis. Our customized dri fit shirts also don’t break the bank, for as low as P299; you can stay fresh and odor-free. Don’t let this unforgiving heat slow you down, wear dry fit shirts.