Reviews: Everything You Need To Know Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

Now I know what you’re going to think. Why are we writing our own review? Well, this is more of an article that provides you with a comprehensive list of the reviews that we could find on the internet.

But before that, let’s first talk briefly about and who we really are.

What Is is a full-service print-on-demand platform that offers fulfillment solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs (or what we call shirtpreneurs). With our platform, you no longer need to think about inventory because all the orders that you will get will be printed on demand and fulfilled by us.

How Can I Sign Up With

Creating an account with is easy. You only need to pay a P1000 fee and start uploading your designs after submitting the requirements. You can find more information on how to sign up on our shirtpreneur website.

Anyone can be a shirtpreneur. Even a microbiology student or a full-time employee can turn their shirt business into a 7-digit money-making machine with the right mindset.

Why Sign Up With

We aren’t just in the business of selling shirts. As cheesy as it may sound, we are also in the business of helping wantrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality. To enable people to harness the power of the internet and the technology we have.

You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of design to get started with us. All you need is a niche and a way to capture that niche with your shirt designs.

Care To Hear Some Reviews?

Just like any other businesses out there, we’ve had our fair share of failures, customer complaints, and bad reviews. But of course, we can’t let those failure stop us from doing what we love and continue what set out to do.

When was established in 2014, we planned to enable entrepreneurs. We have been doing that for over five years now, and we don’t see any reason why we should stop. If you want to learn more about what people have to say about us, here are some people talking about us and our products. You can also find more reviews on our Instagram profile.


We’d Love To Hear From You Too!

If you want to give us a review, either good or bad. Hit us up, tag us, or maybe even send us an email. We’d like to hear from you and learn from you as well!

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