Show Your Pinoy Reggae Culture With These Rasta Shirts

bob marley face shirt

The Pinoy Reggae culture has deep roots in the country that traces as far back as the 1960s. This popular Jamaican genre contributed to a lot of other musical genres such as new waves of ska, punk, dancehall, hip hop, and underground bass music. Last year, UNESCO added the reggae music of Jamaica as a part of the lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

It wasn’t until the late 70s in the Philippines that a reggae band was formed. One of the pioneers of the Pinoy Reggae music scene was Cocojam. The band played a pivotal role in developing local festivals and concerts. Cebu City is dubbed as the reggae capital of the Philippines. If you’re someone who wants to relax and listen to music that will calm you down, look no further—Pinoy reggae music is the cure for that.


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Taking the rasta in reggae music, here are some of our rasta shirts that will help you show your support to the growing culture.

Pinoy Rasta Shirts

Jah Bless

Jah Bless is a Rastafarian expression that translates to “God Bless You.” Ziggy Marley, the son of the late Bob Marley dedicated a song for this phrase.

jah bless shirt

Jah Bless Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Rasta Face

This design is an ode to the late Bob Marley. He wasn’t just an icon, he was a leader and he greatly influenced his audience with his passion. His music inspired a lot of people to keep fighting the good fight.

bob marley shirt

Rasta Face Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Not Gonna Worry

Life is too hard as it is. Bob tells us that everything is going to be alright and that we shouldn’t have to worry.

dont worry about a thing shirt

Not Gonna Worry Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Rasta Lion

The lion figure plays a prominent part in the Rastafarian movement. It symbolizes, strength, pride and African sovereignty.

rasta lion shirt

Rasta Lion Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Unity And Livity

The reggae culture doesn’t just want us to live in unity, but also in livity. In Rastafarian culture, livity is showing love to people and being righteous in life. It’s all about one love.

livity rasta shirt

Unity and Livity Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

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