Summer Shirts Style Guide: Bring Out The Heat With These Shirts

summer shirts graphic shirts philippines

We all can agree that summer in the Philippines can get excruciatingly hot. This kind of weather also means that what you wear will impact how comfortable you’ll be when you go out. More than bringing an umbrella, you should also stick to clothing pieces that are light and breezy. With all the vacation and parties happening during the summer season, looking good is vital.

Now, the tricky part in choosing a summer outfit is finding an outfit that makes you look cool but also keeps you cool. We’re not referring to floral t-shirts or floral polo shirt for men. Those designs have been done over and over again. It’s time to put those things to rest. Why not bring the heat by wearing a shirt? But, not just any shirt. These dryfit summer shirts will surely keep you cool, help create a statement, and make you look interesting no matter the weather.


Summer Shirts Style Guide

martian life graphic shirt


floating jaw dryfit graphic shirtFloating Jaw Dryfit Shirt


jellyfish graphic shirt
Jellyfish Dryfit Shirt


astro flowers graphic shirts philippines
Astro Flowers Dryfit Shirt


lates capture graphic shirts philippines
Cameras Moment Dryfit Shirt


doggo avogadog graphic shirts philippines
Doggo Avocadog Dryfit Shirt


bandite graphic shirts philippines
Bandite Doggo Dryfit Shirt


frappugccino graphic shirts philippines
Frappugccino Dryfit Shirt


Avocato graphic shirts philippines
Avocato Dryfit Shirt


wicked snake graphic shirts philippines
Wicked Snake Dryfit Shirt

No matter how hard you complain about the hot weather in the Philippines, there’s nothing you can do about it. But, what you can do is pick out a style that keeps you cool longer, and these dryfit graphic shirts are your one size fits all solution.

If you think that dryfit shirts are just for athletes, well think again. We realized that dryfit is the ideal material to use to get the perfect summer shirts. It also keeps you dry no matter how hard you sweat, and more importantly, it keeps you looking good and fresh all day long. So start investing in these summer style staples, price starts at P299!