Team Paningning: Shining The Light On Her Owner Janess Cua

paningning owner janess cua

Team Paningning won’t be what is now without Paningning’s owner who we decided to put on the spotlight in this article.

As of writing this, the Real Paningning page has over 106,000 likes on Facebook, and the fan group, aptly named Team Paningning has over 46,000 likes. Paningning has truly captured the heart of a lot of people, not just here in the Philippines, but all over the world.

But what makes Paningning shine is her owner, Janess Cua. While most people don’t know her, we feel that it’s equally important that we also shine the light on her. We can all agree that Paningning’s cuteness helps us get through a day of bad vibes and to let her owner know how grateful we are of her let's ask her a few questions.

janness cua paningning

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How many dogs in total do you have and how long have you been a dog lover?

Janess: 13 dogs, I've always been a dog lover since I was a child.

Tell us how you found about Paningning’s weird sleeping position.

Janess: Basta ko nalang siya nakita na humiga, then parang naging normal nalang saken na makita siya ganun pag natutulog.

Why do you think Paningning sleeps like that?

Janess: I think because she’s so comfortable in her surroundings.

What’s the most satisfying thing about sharing Paningning to everyone?

Janess: That she has brought so much happiness to our family and to everyone.

Paningning is now a growing brand, what’s next for you guys?

Janess: As of now, I really don’t have any idea yet. I'm just enjoying the moment.

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Paningning has definitely made an impact on a lot of people and not just in her owner’s life. Their official Facebook page is glowing with recommendations from supporters all around the globe.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Janess and her dogs (we see you, Pearl!). Show your support and love to Paningning by buying her official merch from our marketplace. Woof!