These Awesome Graphics Shirts Are Inspired By Your Favorite Animals

animal graphic shirts

Do you remember that time in kindergarten where you were asked, what’s your favorite animal? Or that time that you found out what your spirit animal is in some random online quiz? Whatever the case may be, you probably have a beloved animal that makes your soul happy no matter what.

No, we’re not talking about those cat videos you like to binge watch on YouTube. While those videos can be extremely entertaining (and cute!), we're talking about animals that best describes your personality.

Did you know that in some cultures, people believe that the human soul can communicate with an animal’s soul? No matter how you personify your favorite animal, these awesome graphic shirts will definitely make you stand out.


dog graphic shirts

Pitbull Puppy Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

These are the most loyal creatures known to man, and it makes sense for them to be on top of our list. We’ve even dedicated a whole graphic shirts collection for these Doggos.


cat graphic tees

Cat Lady Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Our feline graphic tees aren’t just cute they’re also on point. The cool statement shirts we have on our Meow Tees collection is perfect for that cat lady in your life.


gorilla graphic shirt

Hungry Gorilla Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

These animals are often misunderstood for being aggressive, but these animals are actually gentle and peaceful creatures. This Hungry Gorilla graphic shirt design is perfect for those people who are full of wisdom and has an enormous appetite!


shark graphic shirts

Floating Jaw Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Fans of Jaws will adore this design from our animal graphic shirts collection. More than being a vicious animal, Sharks are also known for their speed and high intellect,  if you think you fit this profile then this is the perfect shirt for you.


 unicorn graphic shirts

Unicorn Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

We know it’s not an animal, but some people have an affinity for this mythical creature. Unicorn graphic tees are perfect for those colorful and one-of-a-kind people in your life.


panda graphic shirt

Zumba Panda Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Pandas are one of the most adored and cutest animals in the world. A Panda wearing a Zumba outfit couldn’t be more adorable.


penguin graphic shirts

Penguin Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

If you think our Panda graphic shirts are cute, then you have not seen a Penguin doing The Dab yet. This our take on the famous dance pose.

These graphic tees are the perfect addition to your cool statement shirts collection. You can see our full collection here.