These Witty Shirts By Karitoon Daily Are Selling Like Crazy

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They say fashion is an expression of the character and that you are what you wear. But, some people like to make more than a statement, they want to be bold and stand out from the crowd.

Karitoon Daily by Kar Vic who’s popular to the BuzzFeed Philippines community is bringing his distinct witty remarks to shirts. His funny statement shirts have been selling like hotcakes since we launched it on the marketplace.

Kar Victoriano, a renowned motion graphics artist and the creative mind behind Karitoon Daily is making headlines for his unique style and witty comics. Just recently his Tomato and Potato Love Story became viral on Facebook.

What makes his t-shirt design even more impressive is its Pinoy taste that’s distinct and recognizable. Saying that these are cool statement shirts is an understatement because it’s so much more than that. It’s witty and punny!

Karitoon Daily Graphic Tees

Hatdog Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

If you were born in the 90s, the Hatdog remark is probably something that you can relate with.

hatdog shirt by karitoon daily

Bat Ako Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

The question every child asks when asked to do something and usually followed by a litany of sermon by Nanay.

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Alak You Alat Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

For your Alak loving friend. We got you fam!

akal you alat pinoy t shirt design
Ahit You Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

If you hit me.

ahit you shirt t shirt online shop philippines

Karitoon Icon Sublimation Dryfit Shirt

Show your love and support by spreading the vibes with the Karitoon shirt.

karitoon daily cool statement shirts

Where To Get These Shirts

The Karitoon Daily Graphic Tees are now available on our marketplace, and you can get them for as low as P350. Cash on delivery is also available nationwide.

For more Karitoon Daily Comics, you can go to their official Facebook page. You can also show your support to Kar Victoriano by following him on his Instagram page.