3 Undeniable Reasons Why Fell In Love With Paningning

paningning dog

A small and cuddly Shih Tzu named Paningning broke the Internet over a month ago when her owner Janess Cua shared a photo of the puppy’s remarkable sleeping position.

Cua is a dog lover and currently has 11 dogs, and when she posted the photo of Paningning on Facebook, she wasn’t keen on making her dog go viral. But, only after a few hours of posting the picture, the post has taken over the lives of all the dog lovers on Facebook.

Paningning who is now made famous by her unusual sleeping position has inspired other people to do a Paniningning challenge with their dogs as well. She’s also been made into a meme, a wallpaper, and now into a shirt. This lovable pup has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many, including international fans. But what made Paningning stand out? Let’s talk about the three reasons why people fell in love with her.

paningning official merch

Why We Love Paningning

1. She represents our spirit animal

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but we think that Paningning is a man’s spirit animal. Don’t we all just want to sleep around all day with our bellies hanging out? Paningning is a representation of the things that we all secretly want to be, uninhibited, relaxed, and no care about what people will say.

2. She’s weird

In this day and age, everyone’s extra weird and sometimes being strange and different makes you more attractive. Paningning is a puppy that embraces her weirdness, and that’s what we love about her. It’s also something that we can learn from her. Our weirdness shouldn’t be something we hide; it should be something that we celebrate no matter what it is.

3. She’s a boss

You’ve probably been sucked into the wormhole of Paningning online videos (we’re guilty!), and that’s perfectly normal. While we love watching cat videos, what’s cuter than a dog sleeping on it’s back?

She’s a true #GirlBoss because she sleeps like a log and she sleeps anywhere she wants to. Queen Bey would be proud of Paningning for being the boss.

Paningning Official Merch

Paningning’s official merch has landed on shirt.ly Marketplace, and we can’t be more excited! Check out the official merch here. Price starts at P350.00.

You can also support her by following Paningning Instagram page here and liking her Facebook page here.