Top 12 Merch Stores during's 12.12 Sale

Top 12 Merch Stores during's 12.12 Sale

It's only less than 10 days before Christmas and people are still rushing online stores for deals and discounts. In the recently concluded 12.12 sale of we saw a lot of names added on our best seller list.

This only goes to show that when you put out quality content out there, your fans and community will support you all the way. 

Here are the top 12 Merch Stores during's 12.12 Sale

1. Tyrone Tiaga

Tyrone Tiaga TikTok videos are always viral because of the type of humor he has. His  humor is the exact break that we need when we just need to laugh out loud. 

Visit the merch store here.

2. Sskait

sskait mug

The creator behind Sskait comics puts time and effort in making sure that his content are always top notch and that is one of the the reasons why his consistently on our best seller list.

Visit the merch store here.

3. AA Designs

aa designs up shirt

Aldrin Agawin is the brain behind the brand AA Designs. He single handedly dominated school merch shirts a few years back. What's more interesting about Aldrin is that he did not have a graphic artist background, he's actually in med school right now. He just really loved creating designs and it just goes to show that even simple and thoughtful designs can go a long way.

Visit the merch store here.

4. Kristian Ph

rc cola reaction video kristian ph

Kristian PH doesn't just stream games, he also creates comedy skits, parody videos, and reaction videos. It's safe to say that Kristian is really working hard on his content because of the awesome videos he has. and he ensures that his fans are always at the forefront of what he is doing. 

Visit the merch store here.

5. Nurse Even

Nurse Even is a a newcomer on our list but he's proven that he certainly has a loyal community supporting him. What we love about Nurse Even is he speaks the truth and he does it in away that's entertaining and amusing.

Visit the merch store here.

6. Typical Pinoy Crap

typical pinoy crap podcast

The author behind the  Typical Pinoy Crap podcast talks about topics surrounding everyday toxic Filipino behaviors that we all know but really don't give the time of day to understand. It's a refreshing take on things and it's worth a listen when you've had enough of the crap.

Visit the merch store here.

7. Team Jesus Ph

team jesus merch

For a lot of us, the things that is holding us together especially at a time like this is our faith and knowing that things will always get better through His intervention. Team Jesus Ph merch does just that with they statement shirts that will help encourage people to hold on to their faith.

Visit the merch store here.

8. Peenoise Plays

It's our favorite boys back on the list again! topping the best seller list from 11.11, they showed us that they are not ready to go down without a fight. Are you ready for another Peenoise Plays Among Us videos? Because we are.

Visit the merch store here.


9. M.A. Buendia HD


 M.A. Buendía Quotes

M.A. Buendia quotes are always inspiring to read, it can be the boost and motivation you need when you're feeling down in life and unsure of yourself. M.A. isn't afraid to speak his truth and this courage shines through to his fans who consistently supports him.

Visit the merch store here.

10. Pinoy Blade Hunter

Pinoy Blade Hunter is a newcomer to the list as well and we are surprised as to ow this very niche group responded to the merch. They're really a bunch of people who are passionate about blades and it's always satisfying to watch videos of people cutting things with one single hack of a sword.

Visit the merch store here.


11. Adrian Milag

Adrian Milag vlogs are all about the catholic faith and motivation for people who are losing their way. We love how he's passionate about spreading His message and the community behind him really adores what he does.

Visit the merch store here.

12. Calad Gaming

The last one on the list is someone we also admire because of his dedication to gaming creating content even when he is miles away from home. The creator behind Calad is in Europe but his local fans are strong in numbers.

Visit the merch store here.