Top 15 New Merch Stores in 2021

The last year has been extremely challenging for everyone and it really reminded us of how precious our time is. But, with the new year upon us, a new hope begins. That is why in this new year, we have a new list of the freshest content creators you should watch out for.

Here are our top 15 New Merch Stores in 2021

1. Jen Animation

Jen Animation is known for his clean looking animation and funny content based on his everyday life. It's almost like vlog style content but created using animation. Did we also mention that he uses his voice for every character? Now if that ain't versatility and creativity at its best, then we don't what to call it.

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2. Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan is known for his passion towards financial literacy and helping people attain a wealthy and debt-free life. Other than being financial guru, he's also a critically acclaimed author and speaker. If one of your resolutions for 2021 is to save more money and be more financially independent, then Chinkee Tan is the content creator you should be following.

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3. Art Of Elijah Tan

Elijah Tan masterfully creates artwork with God being in the center of it all. Seeing his masterpieces is like a breathe of fresh air that we all need after what has happened in the previous year. He has also been featured recently in ABS-CBN's Christmas Special 2020.

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4. Carla Lizardo

Carla Lizardo or The Carly Cat is not just a gamer but also a certified beauty queen. Carla was one of the contestants in Bb. Pilipinas 2014 which is the exact same batch that catapaulted Pia Wurtzbach into the Ms. Universe stage. Aside from gaming, she also an anchor on ESPN5.

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5. King FB

King FB is a content creator like no other because of the humor that he puts out with his content. He's not afraid to make fun of himself but also isn't scared to experiment with different types of humor. He vlogs about random and funny stuff and sometimes we all just want randomness to get us through our busy days.

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6. Tugue Zombie

Tugue Zombie is a Nigerian but a true Pinoy at heart. He fell so much in love with our country that he learned to speak our language. He mainly vlogs about his daily life and funny encounters.

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7. Zion Aguirre

Zion Aguirre is an amazing singer that is highly underrated. Even his cover videos looks like a legit music video and it's masterfully produced. Aside from having an awesome voice, he also uploads funny videos and isn't afraid to make fun of himself. Zion is one to watch out for this year.

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8. Tale of El

Tale of El is another creative video animation content that centers around the daily life of its animator. There's something exciting about animations like these, it's a whole new take on vlogging and the creativity they put on is unbelievable.

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9. Empeds Casul


Empeds Casul gained fame from his extra creative TikTok videos in which he tries to recreate a lot of our favorite cartoon shows with his creative video graphics and effects. Just last month he reached 1M followers on TikTok. He's skits are definitely something to watch out for in the coming months.

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10. AniMalupet

AniMalupet is like your local Lifestyle and National Geographic channel all wrapped in one. What makes their content really interesting is that these are the things we don't often see content creators make, and it's a nice way to see the outside world without really being outside.

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11. The Accountant

The Accountant is one of the biggest page in the Philippines that's dedicated to accounting and finance. If you're an accounting student, chances are you are following their page. Aside from sharing niche content about accountancy, they also share personal finance tips and of course, funny videos just like this one.

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12. Benibol

Benibol or Ben Calleja is a TikTok content creator. He mostly shares dance videos and creates versions of popular dance challenges.

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13.Roxanne Timbas


Roxanne Timbas or Mommy Xanne is a content creator that isn't afraid to speak her mind out. She has over 1.5M followers on TikTok where she often shares her dance and lifestyle videos. He's also a beauty product enthusiast so you can also expect some tips from her.

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14. Ang Problemadong Writer

ang problemadong writer

Ang Problemadong Writer is a Facebook page that's dedicated to the musings of a writer that hopes to make you feel you're never alone as you face challenges in love and in life. APW also has an eBook entitled Sunflowers, Stopovers. It's a collection of prose and poetry that anyone who wishes to get over their fear of trusting people will fall in love with.

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15. Raymond Baltazar

All you K-drama fans out there, you probably have heard of Raymond Baltazar. He's an avid K-drama fan and most of his content surrounds around the multi-billion industry of anything Korean. If you need a suggestion on which K-drama to watch next, make sure you are following his page.

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