Merch Selling Made Easy in the Philippines

Merch Selling Made Easy in the Philippines

Hey there. This is James Fernando, a veteran 'shirtpreneur.'

Here at marketplace, we are passionate about helping local content creators sell merch.

Why is that?

Well, I have been selling shirts since college.

Back then, selling shirts was a good way to raise funds for a cause or for a school org.

That still holds true today.

But today, we have thousands of Tiktokers, Youtubers and viral content creators who have the potential to earn from selling their own merchandise.

To sell merch, you need to have shirts made, create an online store, ship every order and collect payment.

Sounds tedious and boring? It is! It's also risky and a big hassle.

That's where comes in.

We take charge of the dirty work of shirt selling - from the production, warehousing, delivery and payment collection.

As a creator, you don't want to do all these manual things.

You want to focus on your craft.

The better you get at at your craft, the more merch sales you could generate.

So how does this work?

It's super simple.

You apply for a (1) merch store, (2) get approved by our team, (3) submit your store details, (4) send your shirt designs, (5) decide how much profit you want to earn per shirt sold and (6) start promoting on your social media channels!

Seriously. All these could be done in a couple of days.

Check out the merch stores of Macoy Dubs, Kristian PH and Sskait Comics to see a sample merch store.

Now, what if you have your own merch already?

Or you are specific about your merch fabric and you want to produce your own merch?

No problem. We can still take care of the dirty work for you - from warehousing to delivery and payment collection.

This is what we do for Billionaire Gang Clothing of Von Ordona and Rec•Create.

Still not convinced?

Check out the complete list of our merch partners here.

Need more reasons to create a merch store?

Did you know that PewDiePie earns $8 million a year and 85% of that humongous amount comes from merch sales?

Yup, you can generate more money from merch too. 

Good thing you are at the right place.

Our slogan is support, support local.

And our customers are known for supporting not only local businesses but local content creators as well.

Need more info about how shirt selling works in general?

Sure, I made a lengthy article here. Read up!

It's called 2020 Complete Merch Guide for Youtubers in the Philippines - how tos, tips and strategies.

Is it going to be easy?

It's not. Nothing worth doing is easy.

We have a partner - a content creator that has a super viral Facebook page.

He did not generate a sufficient amount of earnings from December 2019 to June 2020. 

But July 2020 - he hit it big time. 

He learned how to do merch selling properly after months.

And now he's going to enjoy this newly found skill and income stream for quite a long time.

Now, what's next for you?

Are you ready to sell your own merch?

If you are, visit this page and let's make amazing things happen.

If you are not, why not order some shirts from other creators who are already getting it done?


- James Fernando

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James Fernando (JMSFRN) has been a shirt entrepreneur for almost 11 years. He co-created 2 school apparel brands (including Animo Nation) before founding in 2014 to help other "shirtpreneurs" jumpstart their shirt businesses.
Visit his personal website here.