Top 10 Among Us Youtube Videos in October 2020

Top 10 Among Us Youtube Videos in October 2020

Cover photo from Quartz.

Among Us was initially released in 2018 but it only gained viral attention earlier this year. The game’s meteoric rise this year has something to do with the pandemic. As more people get stuck at home, more and more people are looking to play and hang out with their friends while still being physically away from each other.

With the level of attention that the game gained, it’s only natural to see our beloved game streamers to try out the game.

Here are the top 10 Among Us Youtube Videos in October 2020

1. Von Ordona Among Us

Von Ordona YT page is a one stop shop for your entertainment needs. He has lifestyle vlogs, prank videos and he also streams gaming content. And with Billionaire Gang gaining more and more fanbase, an Among Us game between them was bound to happen.

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2. GLOCO Among Us

This video shows us exactly how ruthless Gloco can be when he’s an impostor in Among Us. In the background you can also see Gloco’s gaming house.

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3. Kristian PH Among Us

Kristian PH’s Minecraft roots can still be seen up to this day. Did you also know that other than being a tremendously skilled gamer, he’s also prolific with a guitar?

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4. TriNhil Among Us

Another gamer from the Peenoise team is TriNhil. If we were to describe TriNhil’s Among Us gameplay style in one word, we would call it “ruthless.”

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5. Hmmirwin Among Us

Hmmirwin GTA V Billionaire City mechanic character is known for his very helpful and cheery character. But when he plays Among Us, he means business.

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6. Zarckaroo Among Us

Another gamer from the Billionaire Gang roster and the singer of the group, Zarckaroo is also a skilled player in Among us.  While you’re at it, make sure to listen to the lyrics of Zarckaroo Gaming’s Araw Araw song.

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7. GOOON Gaming Among Us

Gon Gaming is another streamer that resides in Billionaire City. He also streams some of the wackiest and craziest Among Us videos.

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8. Macoy Galope Among Us

He may look young and innocent but his Macoy Galope Alejandog Among us gameplay is so far from that. Also we really liked this video because he literally took a bath while streaming. With that amount of stars, we’d probably do the same.

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9. El Kayl Among Us

Aside from his viral pick up line videos, El Kayl’s Elgang also makes fun of themselves when playing around with Among Us.

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10. Calad Among Us

The detective is in! Detective Calad or Calad Gaming is a Filipino gaming content creator based in Germany. 

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