Top 10 Trending Merch Stores in October 2020

Top 10 Trending Merch Stores in October 2020

October 2020 is almost over! This month we introduced about 20 new collaborations / merch stores on marketplace. Let's look back at the top 10 trending merch stores on marketplace in October 2020.


1. Billionaire Gang Clothing

Von Ordona YT vlog and gaming channel is the catalyst for the Billionaire Gang’s success. Their latest hoodie merch went out of stock within a few hours of its release on the marketplace.

Visit Billionaire Gang Clothing here.

2. Tyrone Tiaga Merch

In a span of a few months he was able to jump from Tyrone Tiaga Minecraft videos to hilarious and viral videos on social media. This particular video has been viewed over 1 million times.

Visit Tyrone Tiaga Clothing here.

3. Kristian PH Merch

Aside from Kristian PH Minecraft and other gaming videos, he also creates parody dubs like this video. This is the perfect ‘hakdog’ reaction ever!

Visit Kristian PH Merch here.

4. Arkitekyuklid

Arkitekyuklid’s Black Panther post became viral all over the world because it really showed what we all felt after losing Chadwick Boseman in August this year.

Visit Arkitekyuklid Merch here.

5. Sskait Comics

AJ Bacar, the creator of Sskait Comics really found a sweet spot with his Dad, Daddy, and Baby storyline. The eggplant emoji is to be blamed for all of this.

Visit Sskait Merch here.

6. GLOCO Gaming Merch

Gloco’s gaming channel hit a big milestone this year when he reached 1 million subscribers. Other than his entertaining gaming content, he also does parody dub videos which sometimes he does in Bicolano.

Visit GLOCO Merch here.

7. iSportZone

Mike is the host and vlogger behind the phenomenal YouTube sports channel, iSportZone. Known to his followers as "Kabasketbol", Mike and iSportZone's rise to popularity is attributed to his no-nonsense insights, basketball knowledge and clear delivery of news and commentary in Tagalog, packaged in his own unique voice and personality. Mike covers the NBA, Gilas Pilipinas, Kai Sotto, international basketball and boxing. iSportzone does daily video updates and live streaming vlogs of NBA games and will soon include important basketball events.

Visit iSportZone's merch here.

8. Arkin Merch

Arkin Animation’s real name is still a mystery to us but his fans don't seem to mind as long as he puts out quality content. Although, wouldn’t it be nice to put a face behind the creation?

Visit Arkin merch here.

9. SlyTheMiner Merch

Our resident minecraft expert, Sly is making sure his fans are rewarded for their support with his merch. Other than his merch, make sure to get Sly the miner world download on Minecraft.

Visit Arkin merch here.

10. TriNhil Merch

We are ending this list with a bang and it’s literally a big one. TriNhil’s real name, Nhil Diaz, set a record in Valrorant with his 4 second ace win on this video. This should be enough to convince you what type of gamer Nhil is.

Visit TriNhil merch here.

Thank you for the support this month, shirtlings! Next up - November 2020. Let’s see what this month has in store for us.