Top 11 Merch Stores from's 11.11 Sale

Top 11 Merch Stores from's 11.11 Sale

Last November 10, over 40 content creators launched their 11.11 merch! Clearly, their fans really came through for them and showed their support.

Here are the top 10 merch stores who came out on top during’s 11.11 sale.

1. Peenoise Plays

The Peenoise boys were out to make some noise during the 11.11 sale and they conquered it with the release of their official merch. We are excited to see more Peenoise Plays Among Us videos and see which one of the boys is the better impostor. Visit the merch store here.

2. Macoy Dubs

The Aunt Julie Macoy Dubs hype is unwavering with the recent 11.11 sale. On top of that, Macoy is donating 100% of his November 2020 merch earnings to the victims of Typhoon Rolly and Typhoon Ulysses. Aunt Julie is indeed our favorite tita! Visit the merch store here.

3. SlytheMiner

Kuya Sly's fans consist mostly of younger kids but this didn’t hinder him from dominating the 11.11 sale! Apart from Sly the miner world download, his merch are one of the most sought after designs on Visit the merch store here.

4. Your Millennial Psychologist

With everything that has happened in the last months, 2020 is shaping up to be an unforgettable year for all of us. These challenges are really getting the best out of us and one of the many things that has been affected for a lot of people is their mental health. Your Millennial Psychologist and his advocacy has paved the way to provide easier access for these affected individuals. Visit the merch store here.

5. Sskait

Sskait Comics never fails to deliver new things to his fans. From new characters to new merch designs, AJ Bacar always finds the time to give back to his fans. Visit the merch store here.

6. AA Designs

One of our longest and most successful merch partners, AA Designs showed up to the 11.11 sale and wasn’t afraid to compete with other content creators. His designs proved to be a winner and timeless among his fans. Visit the merch store here.


7. Bro Adrian Milag

For a lot of us, it’s our faith that holds us together when time get tough and this year has given us ample of things to be afraid of. Bro Adrian Milag vlogs makes sure that people still continue on with their faith and be more steadfast as situations become more challenging. Visit the merch store here.

8. Kristian PH

Kristian PH Minecraft and Among Us videos are one of the most watched content on his channel right now. Kristian also turned 19 earlier this month and with the turn out of 11.11 sale, I’m sure it’s one of the many icings on his cake for this month. Visit the merch store here.

9. Arkitekyuklid

Arkitekyuklid Black Panther viral post has stemmed into a full pledge brand that’s recognizable anywhere. His humor and witty comics are always fun to read not just on social media but also on mugs and shirts. Visit the merch store here.

10. Tyrone Tiaga

In a span of a few months he was able to jump from Tyrone Tiaga Minecraft videos to hilarious and viral videos on social media. This particular video has been viewed over 1 million times. Visit the merch store here.

11. Perf De Castro

Last but definitely not the least on this list is, Perf De Castro. Needless to say, Perf De Castro's signature guitar style is continuously impacting the music of today. His fans are a testament to how he got to be the legend that he is. Visit the merch store here.

That's it, shirtlings! Thanks for supporting our local content creators this 11.11. Support local, gift local.