Top 5 Musicians / Bands with Merch Stores on Marketplace in 2020

Top 5 Musicians / Bands with Merch Stores on Marketplace in 2020

Music is a big part of the Filipino culture and heritage. We often find a way to squeeze in music no matter what the occasion is, be it for mourning a loved one, celebrating a victory, or to serenade the person we love.

Other than graphic artists and vloggers, we also have some of the best musicians in the industry.

Here are the top 5 musicians and bands with merch stores on Marketplace in 2020

1. Perf De Castro

First on our list is no other than the Filipino guitar genius, Perfecto De Castro. The Perf De Castro guitar plays are the cornerstone of the musical scene in the 90s. His ability and skills has really influenced some of the best names in the OPM industry including Francis Magalona and Wolfgang.

Visit Perf De Catro's merch here.

2. Over October

Over October is a pop/alternative rock band formed in October 2014. If you’ve read Over October’s Wait & Alive lyrics, you’ll probably know why they are one of the best bands in the industry right now. If you like hugots and feels, we recommend that you give them a listen.

Visit Over October's merch here.

3. Rie Aliasas

Rie Aliasas is a Filipino singer and songwriter known for her soothing covers and original songs. A lot of Rie Aliasas songs and covers are the perfect companion to those late and rainy evening drives.

Visit Rie Aliasas' merch here.

4. The Differential Music 

The band The Differential Music or more popularly known as Diffph on their Instagram profile. They are an Alternative Rock band that has huge influences from some of the top bands in the country such as Urbandub and Typecast. If you’re into genres like those, The Differential Music is the perfect fit for you.

Visit The Differential Music merch here.

5. Pareng Don

Pareng Don’s guitar tutorial is the best thing to watch during this time of the pandemic. You will literally learn some of the best guitar skills from his Facebook and Youtube channel. It’s time to pick up that guitar and learn from Pareng Don.

Visit Pareng Don's merch here.