8 Ways to Support Local Content Creators

8 Ways to Support Local Content Creators

Have you bought some Ube Cheese Pandesal and Sushi Bake lately?

Good job! You're supporting local small businesses.

Did you know that local content creators need your support too?

During the quarantine, a couple of us have seen lower-than-usual content consumption online.

Here are 8 different things you can do to help content creators.

PS. Cash not necessary

1. Watch their Youtube videos

During the start of ECQ, several youtube channels both in the US and in the Philippines have mentioned the decline of viewers.

Watching their Youtube videos at the moment would help them keep the ball rolling.

Here are some of our favorite Youtube channels: Rec•CreateKristian PHBisayang HilawSlyTheMinerPerfecto De Castro and Pareng Don

2. Let the ads run

Ads take a minute or two. That won't hurt right?

Let them run - whether you pay attention or not.

Those few minutes would make a big difference, shirtlings.

3. Comment thoughtfully

Now is the best time to engage and communicate with our favorite creators.

Express how you appreciate their content and maybe give some feedback.

I can't even fathom how much value I have gotten from content creators over the years.

Leaving thoughtful comments could go a long way.

4. Share their content

How many memes or comic strips have you shared on Facebook today?

Are any of them from local creators?

Here are some Facebook pages that have released super engaging posts lately: Arkitekyuklid's 10 Types of Dads post (30k shares),  Sskait's Online Shopping post (7.5k shares) and Karitoon's Go Ma post (3.9k shares).

5. Mention them on your IG stories

I don't know about you but sharing random stuff on IG stories has become a very common thing I do as of late.

People seem to regularly post stories lately, right?

Don't know what to share? Begin with our recent IG post. 

6. Suggest content ideas

Content creators think about the next content all the time.

Giving some ideas will help a lot!

Strike up a convo on the comment section.

Or even better - send them a message! 

7. Purchase their merch

This is the first item that involves cash.

Obviously, many of us have had a harder time because of the pandemic and quarantine.

If you have some extra cash, buying some merch would help our content creators.

It would not only help them, but you'll also have a physical thing that connects you with their content. That's actually a pretty solid thing to have with your favorite creator.

If you are looking for merch to buy, visit this!

8. Give their merch as a gift

Now this is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Helping content creators and gifting some merch to someone special.


To help you get started, here is Arkitekyuklid's Best Erpats Ever shirt. 

I know Fathers' Day is over but showing some love to your Pops is much appreciated any day of the year. 

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