Top 5 Nurse Even YouTube Videos in 2020

nurse evens life story

The Nurse Even life story may look like it's full of success and blessings, but not a lot of us know that he also struggled a lot to get where he is now. Just by watching a lot of his videos, you are able to see how passionate he is in helping people and inspiring aspiring OFW who wants to work in the UK.

Here are the top 5 Nurse Even YouTube Videos in 2020

1. Nurse Even's Life Story

Nurse Even is a product of the "nursing" boom from several years ago. When he graduated a lot of people also graduated with a nursing degree thinking that there is a huge demand for nurses. Lucky for him, with his perseverance he made everything work out.

2. British Terms

While UK is an English speaking country, there are terms that are inherent to the UK only. For those Nurse Even's Kunars fans, here the terms you need to master when you plan to work in the UK.

3. House Raid


 Do you wanna know how OFW's in the UK live? Here's a quick peep into a house full of hard working OFW's.

4. Assumptions

We all love Nurse Even's funny videos on Facebook and YouTube and just like any regular celebrities, we create assumptions about them. Find out if the assumptions you have about him is correct in this video.

5. Typical Work Routine


 It's just nice to see how Nurse Even spends his work day in the other side of the world. We get to see that while we think that it's all glamour, it's also hard work. 

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