Top 5 Peenoise Plays Youtube Videos in November 2020

peenoise rogue company

Peenoise Plays Among Us took a backseat for the month of November. There were very minimal horror video game uploads as well. The Peenoise guys focused more on new games for variation and tons of unexpected fun.

Here are the top 5 Peenoise Plays Youtube Videos in November 2020

1. We Hate Jimboy

If you're familiar with Nhil's character on GTA V, Jimboy then you'll probably understand why the Peenoise guys have this  hatered towards him. Just imagine being under the same roof as Jimboy and hearing his voice for hours.

2. Peenoise Minecraft Game


Last month Peenoise Plays Left 4 Dead 2 was the old game they revisited. For the month of November, the guys revisited Minecraft after a long time. Gloco says the kids is only for kid but wait until you watch how he's enjoying the game.

3. Megalodon

We get to see Gloco's love of fishing in this video. Or maybe is it hunting?

4. Untitled Goose Game


Chris and Vanilla shows us how to properly play Untitled Goose. This playthrough is also a bit quieter and relaxed with the two of them.

5. Rogue Company

The Peenoise Guys plays a new game called Rogue Company. Watch closely and you'll see Vanilla bringing his A game to this.


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