Top 5 Peenoise Plays Youtube Videos in October 2020

Top 5 Peenoise Plays Youtube Videos in October 2020
The Peenoise team consists of Gloco, TriNhil, Thisischris, and Vanilla. Other than belonging to the same group, they also live together in the Peenoise gaming house which means that they are hardcore when it comes to gaming.

From Peenoise Plays Among Us to shrieking horror games, here are the top 5 Peenoise Plays YouTube videos in October 2020

1. Peenoise Plays Left 4 Dead 2

With Left 4 Dead 2 getting a fresh update, the Peenoise guys weren’t going to pass up the chance to play the popular zombie-survival game. Needless to say, you’ll know it’s going to be fun when 5 minutes into the game you already see them shooting at each other.

2. Pagong Us

What really makes this an interesting video is that the Peenoise guys made their own rules to the usual gameplay. It’s creatively fun and something that any fans of the game can do on their own as well.

3. Phasmophobia

This is what happens when you go ghost hunting with your guy friends and you feel extremely confident about yourself.

4. Black And White Among Us

This is another twist to the gameplay that you probably didn’t imagine. Let’s see how effectively they can play in greyscale.

5. Sign Of Silence

The Peenoise guys really have a soft spot for horror games. In this video, we’ll see them try a new game called Sign Of Silence.


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