Top 5 Perfecto De Castro YouTube Videos in November 2020

perf de castro rivermaya payapang daigdig

Perf De Castro signature guitar moves and lessons never gets old. In another round up blog post for November, there's a lot of lessons to learn and good music to hear from the legend himself.

Here are the top top 5 Perfecto De Castro YouTube Videos in November 2020

1. Cheap Guitar Assembly

A month ago, Perf showed us that even with a cheap guitar, you can still play beautifully. In this video, he made that same cheap guitar sound even better by putting some improvements on it and really making it a Perf De Castro guitar.

2. Perf Talk With Jomal Linao

In another episode of Perf Talk, Jomal Linao shares his tips on how you can create bands that lasts. Jomal is the guitarist for another iconic Filipino band, Kamikazee.

3.  Reacting To Kids Solo Guitar Play

When the Perf De Castro Rivermaya legend posts on Facebook about a possible reaction or critique video, it's only natural to see fans rush to the comments section with their solo guitar videos. This time he reacted to kids playing the guitars but, the tips he gave on this video can still be useful even to experienced guitarists.

4. Collaboration With Maestro Robert Shroder

Two Filipino legends playing a song written by another legendary composer, Felipe De Leon. Robert Shroder is a Filipino-American musical conductor who grew up in Philippines and later on migrated to the states.

5. Jomal Lesson

Jomal Linao takes Perf De Castro to school with some of his guitar plays and solos. If you're someone who' really looking to learn more about how these legends play, this is another great video to watch.

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