Top 5 Perfecto De Castro Youtube Videos in October 2020

Top 5 Perfecto De Castro Youtube Videos in October 2020

The music industry all over the world felt sorrow as the revered Guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s passed away early this month. As can be seen in Perf’s recent uploads, we know that he is a truly devoted fan.

This month we also got to see a lot of Perf De Castro signature guitar riffs again. Here are the top 5 Perfecto De Castro Youtube Videos in October 2020

1. PERFtreon

So first on our list is Perf’s announcement and the big changes that we can all expect from his YouTube channel. Also, he featured some of his fans wearing the Perf De Castro Shirt. It's a really an awesome way to give back to the fans!

2. Goodbye, Eddie Van Halen

Perf De Castro’s guitar play here is really moving and nothing short of extraordinary. Van Halen’s impact on the music industry will never be forgotten but, we’re lucky we have amazing musicians like Perf to give us a glimpse of his greatness.

3. PerfTalk with RJ Ronquillo

Aside from Perf De Castro’s Rivermaya bandmates, he also features other talented musicians.

In this episode of the PerfTalk, Perf got to sit down with RJ Ronquillo who is a Filipino-American based guitarist and a member of the band The Chelsea Smiles.

4. Little Guitars

Another Eddie Van Halen tribute video by Perf with him playing Little Guitars on a literal little guitar.

5. How To Succeed In The Music Business

We all know some bits of Perf De Castro’s biography, including how he started out and his post-Rivermaya life. In Part 2 of the PerfTalk, RJ and Perf talked about what it takes to succeed in the music business and how you can leverage technology to reach more people.


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