Top 5 Perfecto De Castro Youtube Videos in September 2020

Top 5 Perfecto De Castro Youtube Videos in September 2020

For all the Batang 90s out there you are surely familiar with Perf De Castro signature guitar solos on songs like 214 and Awit Ng Kabataan. But did you also know that more than being an exemplary guitar player, Perf is also a classically trained musician and a renowned producer who has worked with the likes of Francis Magalona and Wolfgang?

Here are top 5 Perfecto De Castro Youtube Videos in September

1. Perf Talk with Mike Elgar

Perf De Castro’s Rivermaya days are long behind him but he still makes sure to check in on the band from time to time. And in this video, we see him talking to another equally talented guitarist, Mike Elgar who talked about how he started out and how he continues to succeed in his craft.

2. Blackhole Eventide

Other than Perf De Castr’s guitar video, he also reviews guitar accessories like pedals. What we really liked about this video is the calming riffs he played.

3. Pro Guitarist Plays $89 Guitar

We often see Perf riffing using his more expensive gears, but in this video we see him play on an $89 guitar that’s way below his league.

4. Reaction Video

From time to time, Perf reviews and critiques his fans by watching their videos playing their instruments. Reaction videos are always fun to watch especially when you have a professional critiquing every detail. 

In this video, you can also see him wearing a Perf De Castro Shirt which you can buy here!

5. Perf De Castro And Basti Artadi

Perf De Castro’s biography continues to be written and with another monumental collaboration with Basti Artadi, he continues to surprise us. And yes, if you’re wondering there is a heavenly guitar solo on this track.


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