Top 5 Shanong TV Blogs in October 2020

Top 5 Shanong TV Blogs in October 2020
Shanong TV real name is Mavic Shan. He rose to fame because of his superb dance skills on TikTok, especially his “not edited” slow mo moves. Other than his dance videos he also creates prank, lifestyle and review videos on his YouTube channel, Shanong TV.

Here are the top 5 Shanong TV Blogs in October 2020

1. Omegle The Grudge Prank Part 1

A lot of vloggers and TikTok superstars are using Omegle to connect and surprise their fans during this Covid-19 pandemic. AMong one of those surprises is Shanong TV’s vlog that pranks Omegle users with a scary surprise.

2. Shanong TV Among Us

Aside from his prank and dance videos, Shanong TV has also jumped on the Among Us bandwagon. Let’s see if he can translate his dancing skills into impostor skills.

3. Omegle The Grudge Prank Part 1

He just can’t get enough of pranking people and scaring the wits out of them.

4. Pennywise Prank

Like what we said, he just can’t get enough. This one is really good because he looks and sounds just like Pennywise. We even got a bit scared while watching this.

5. Silver Play Button

From Shanong TV’s TikTok profile getting mainstream attention, to his YouTube channel which currently has over 140k subscribers. Mavic Shan really deserves this recognition because his content is always entertaining and his costumes never fail.