Top 5 SlyTheMiner Youtube Videos in October 2020

Top 5 SlyTheMiner Youtube Videos in October 2020

If you have Sly The Miner world download, you should have seen the huge changes Sly has made not just for Kadacraft but also for Vilkadahan.

Here are the Top 5 SlyTheMiner Youtube Videos in October 2020

1. Find The Button

This is goold old fashioned find the button minigame on Minecraft. And with Sly’s expert knowledge in map creation, let’s see how many levels he could do before giving up.

2. SlyTheMiner Challenge

In another Slytheminer Kadacraft video, he challenges other Kadacraft members to a game of “Kakasa Ka Ba”. He also shows us the new minigame he will be creating on Slytheminer Realm server.

3. Vilkadahan

After a long while, Sly goes back to Vilkadahan and promises to finish the map. Vilkadahan is the first survival world created by Sly and it’s really one of the catalysts of his YouTube growth.

4. Kadacraft Business Minded


This is another video update for all the Kadacraft members but, what’s really good about this video is that he dropped some nuggets of wisdom for his subscribers which are mostly composed of younger individuals who are still in school.

5. Ghost Invasion

Sly plays with other Kadacraft members in a Minecraft Hive minigame called Ghost Invasion. You’ll also see him wearing his newest merch which you can get from the Slytheminer’s website store on


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