Top 5 SlyTheMiner Youtube Videos in September 2020

Top 5 SlyTheMiner Youtube Videos in September 2020

For a lot of you Filipino Minecraft gamers, you’re probably familiar with Sly The Miner or Kuya Sly to his fans.

His YouTube channel was created back in 2015 and later on he found huge success from uploading his Minecraft gaming videos which also led to the creation of Sly The Miner world download map on Minecraft, Vilkadahan.

Here are the top 5 SlyTheMiner Youtube Videos in September

1. Minecraft Hive Minigames

In this challenge video, he played a Minecraft Hive minigame in which he tried to create a tiger using only a Glazed Terracota block.

2. Slytheminer Kadacraft

Kadacraft is an SMP server created for Filipino players. In this video, Kuya Sly shows us how to AFK while attending your online class. Sshh!

3. Cocomelon Minecraft

Everybody knows Cocomelon and in this video, Sly created his own version on his Slytheminer server, Kadacraft.

4. Realistic Playing On Minecraft

Honestly, this map looks a lot more like a Left 4 Dead x Minecraft collaboration. Let’s see how he plays this game with all the zombies getting on his face.

5. BeeBuyog Beats SlyTheMiner

In this video, we see how SlyTheMiner tries to beat BeeBuyog at his own game.

If you are interested in joining Sly, you can go directly to his SlyTheMiner website/channel on YouTube or find out SlyTheMiner Realm server.


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