Top 5 Sskait Comics in December 2020

sskait demon baby
There are two new characters on Sskait Comics for the month of December, an adorable baby demon who is trying to do good and a dalagang Filipina who swears on her innocence.

Ready to meet them? Here are the top 5 Sskait Comics in December 2020

1. Baby Demon

Imagine hearing your baby say a whole complete sentence for his first word. This baby demon is now a Sskait mug, so if you find his devilish cuteness adorable, grab one now!

2.  Being Good

Sskait Shopee

Is this baby really trying to be good or is he just learning the ways of the good people so he can be better at being bad? We allhave to find out since the Sskait artist loves giving his fans some interesting plot twists.

3. Florecita

Sskait Stickers

Talong is all you need! Florecita is a new Sskait comics character that swears by her innocence, although it looks like he is not showing her true self.

4. Roberto

Sskait Telegram

Didn't we just tell you that Florecita isn't as innocent as she looks? We bet Roberto was as surprised by her behavior.

5. Teresita

Sskait Stickers

We all have that Teresita kind of friend. 


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