Top 5 Sskait Comics in November 2020

among us comics
The month of November was a bit more wholesome for the Sskait artist, Aj Bacar. There were a few Talong content this month and more of family oriented comics. But all of them still have that Sskait charm we all love.

Here are the top 5 Sskait Comics in November 2020

1. A Child’s Fear

sskait comics november

Our parents loved to tease us when we were kids and sometimes scare us especially on Halloween. But as a grown up, your parent’s old scare tactics no longer work and your fears have now become so much different.

2. The Impostor

Sometimes the game Among Us can create a divide even between lovers.

3. Priorities

sskait shoppee
The legendary 11.11 sale came in strong for a lot of us and sometimes our priorities can get lost. So, how many Sskait Shopee merchandise did you order?

4. Happy Weekend

sskait mugs
Don’t we just all feel the same way? Get this Ssskait mug and shirt directly from our website.

5. Growing Up

away magkapatid

Growing up with a lot of siblings is always interesting. I bet this is one of those places where AJ gets most of his ideas for Sskait stickers and comics.


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